French Street Gumbo

G.enerating U.nique M.inds B.y O.vershadowing


French Street Gumbo is a Collage of Artists.
Much, much more than a “Band.” It’s a Philosophy. A Lifestyle.
What happens when you combine a professional Actor, Barber, Jazz Musician and fluent Spanish interpreter, all with Unique Backgrounds of Artistry and a knack for Honest, True-to-Life Storytellin’?
All with the Desire and the Talents to Engage, Uplift, and Inspire?
When an extra room in a North Philly apartment becomes the birthplace of a new musical collective, nay, a new movement in itself…from a midi keyboard hooked up to garageband and a handful of spontaneous, improvisatory hip-hop/spoken word/funk/soul/jazz sessions???




From N’awlins to French St. Bama to Susquehanna. The Midwest to the Mountains.
Comin outta North Philly Swingin’ like Joe Frazer.
Creating and Crafting a New Sound in the Shadows of Uptown.
Both Savory and Sweet.
Mixed Race and Multi-generational.
A little Something for Everybody.
Greater than the Sum of its Respective Ingredients.
It’s Not Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz, RnB, Reggae or Blues. But it IS all of these things.
Not just one Genre of Music.
It’s Gumbo Music, Baby.


French Street Gumbo is:


Tobi Gadison AKA Tobi G – Vocals, Hooks, Rhymes, Verses, Monologues, Scripts

Zenotha Gardner AKA ZBall2100 – Spoken Word, Verses, Kuts, Taters, Prophecies

Julian Hartwell AKA JuleMoney – Keys, Synth, Beats, Production, Pizazz, Jewelz

Paul Horner AKA “Pauly G” – Electric Bass, Guitar, Interpretations, Salsa

Matt Jernigan AKA “Matty Out” – Drums, Beats, Instrument Switches


New Music from French Street Gumbo is coming in 2017 as they hone the live show and got some other top-secret plans in the works…stay tuned!!!


But for now – The Gumbo Soundcloud featuring some old live sessions!