Solo Piano

As a solo pianist, it is quite evident that Julian has undergone a thorough study of the vast languages intrinsic to the jazz idiom. His fresh takes on time-worn jazz standards and the Great American Songbook strike a balance with modern post-bop influences and contemporary sophistication. He is no stranger to his role as an entertainer capital E, and in this regard has delighted audiences at cocktail bars, restaurants, private events, and retirement communities, to name a few.

On the more artistic side of the equation however, Hartwell is an avid composer of solo piano works, taking inspiration from many genres and influences to craft a unique and evocative sound. Delving into realms of neo-classical, folk music and improvisation, this more introspective side to his repertoire is ideally suited to such endeavors as artistic collaborations, commissioned projects, film scores or intimate house concerts. While Julian reveals this solo side to the world much less frequently, you can be sure that an official release of this kind is waiting in the wings for willing ears when the time is right.


For further listening:

“Land of Lotus” – a solo piano suite in three parts