Julian Hartwell Trio

The Julian Hartwell Trio or “JHT” is a versatile contemporary piano trio based in Philly, PA that blends original repertoire with modern jazz, funk, hip-hop and RnB. While much of their sound stems from interpreting pianist Julian Hartwell’s original music to the piano trio format, they also have an uncanny ability to draw on the wide spectrum of musical influence that informs each member’s background. As a unit they may be seen dabbling in everything from backbeat-heavy hip-hop grooves, choice Pop and RnB covers, time-worn jazz standards, edgy modern jazz heads and everything in between. A blend of electric and acoustic instrumentation allows for such cross-breeding of sound and a fresh approach to the assumed idea of ‘jazz trio’…making this small outfit ideal for everything from tasteful background music at formal events…to in-your-face creative interplay jazz concert…to funky backing-band for MC’s, guest musicians, open jams, you name it…


The Julian Hartwell Trio is:


Julian Hartwell – Piano, E. Piano, Synth…Anything keyboard-y

Paul Horner AKA “Pauly G” – Electric Bass, Subtones

Matt Jernigan AKA “Matty Out” – Drums, Beats, Instrument Switches