Jeff Duperon, WRTI:

“There are so many different styles that you blend in your music that make it a little more memorable. Listening to your music…it’s allowing the listener to really be invited in, and it’s a warm spot. It has a lot of melodies that are memorable. And when you start creating music like that, that’s long-term. And that’s good.”


Edward Blanco on All About Jazz:

“Well worth a sample and repeated spins, The Julian Hartwell Project offers a splendid slice of straight ahead jazz delivered with a fresh new sound…a gifted pianist leading a group of young talented players in their first recording together, this is one musical project that begs for an encore.”

“A tasteful package of modern jazz.”

“Hartwell is one of the young lions of jazz in the making.”


Mark Weber’s Music Blog:

“The Julian Hartwell Project had me hooked upon hearing their first song, ‘Street Dreams’…It’s a fresh take on jazz music, that somehow manages to sound like something old school AND brand new at the same time.”

“Indeed, The JHP puts value on heavy horn arrangements and high-caliber musicianship, and it shows.”

“This is feel good music that doesn’t get too unapproachable like so many jazz groups get…making music that appeals not only to the head, but to the heart as well. That’s a good thing – a very good thing.”


George Harris of

“All the songs are originals and display a sophisticated sense of tradition and swing…Hartwell’s own touch on the piano is confident and clean, as on the playful ‘Sweet Dreams’ and easy back beat of ‘KnewBlews’…an upbeat delivery.”


Dick Metcalf, ‘Doctor Jazz’ of Improvijazzation Nation Blog:

“Liner notes don’t (always) fib…when they say that Julian’s piano playing (along with the rest of his players on this high-energy jazz outing) evokes “funky, soulful & swinging”, they aren’t kidding, or hedging at all…”

“Songs like the percussion-heavy “The Minotaur” show a broad range of musical perception, and since the tunes are all penned by Julian, there’s a lot of heart coming through…”


Tom Hull, Rhapsody Streamnotes March ’16 edition:

“A lot of firepower for a high energy postbop set…”


Mike Frank, regarding Julian’s Senior Recital at Boyer College of Music, Temple University – May 2nd, 2014:

“Great job, start-to-finish, Julian. It’s evident how skilled you are at pacing a set or a show, in addition to your composer skills, bandleader skills, improvisation ideation, and straight-up piano chops. That’s a pretty potent combination of skills, and it will be fun to see where that leads you professionally. Thank you for bringing such excellent music-making to Temple Jazz.”


Ed Flanagan, Dean of The Boyer College of Music

“The program was varied in style, feel, and tempo. The accompanying group was well-rehearsed. The various combinations of front line voices resulted in some very interesting colors. All in all, the entire program was a personal artistic statement which also appeared to provide great satisfaction for both the recitalist and his players. Yet, introspective, searching, brooding even- these are a few of the terms that come to mind when I consider the recitalist’s performance of his pieces on the piano as a whole – these qualities, when combined with the apparent satisfaction of the ensemble I described above, suggest that the program and the recitalist were able to thrive upon simultaneous contrasting emotional stances.”

Other Quotables of note:

“Brothers Duo – Julian Hartwell and his brother Paul – set the tone perfectly for our grand opening event at the Healing Arts Collective this past Summer. With a choice selection of jazz and funky original tunes, they provided a comfortable ambience for our event without dominating the atmosphere as sometimes live music can do. Their combo of electric bass and piano is a great, inviting sound for any event large or small…I look forward to another opportunity to invite these guys back!”
– Adrian King, Massage Therapist at Healing Arts Collective, 519 S. 9th St., Philadelphia, PA