The Julian Hartwell Project

The Julian Hartwell Project is a contemporary jazz quintet with an upbeat and groove-heavy aesthetic. Drawing upon many stylistic influences, the group serves up a high-energy blend of RnB, funk, hip-hop, and fusion in a modern jazz framework, embracing the sweet spot between rich, adventurous horn arrangements and in-the-moment group interplay. Akin to artists like Roy Hargrove, Theo Croker, and Snarky Puppy, the band can draw on a wide stylistic heritage that includes everything from post-bop to groove-heavy jazz-funk depending on the context and crowd.
The composing and arranging talents of bandleader/pianist Julian Hartwell are on full display on their self-titled debut release from 2015, an all-original effort that garnered critical acclaim from outlets like All About Jazz and others. The band continues to hone their dynamic live sound in performances throughout the northeast USA and beyond, as they gear up for a return to the studio in the Fall of 2019 for a highly-collaborative EP that will showcase new creative directions involving special guest vocalists and more.

Sophisticated yet down-to-earth, ear-food for both the mind and booty-shaking body…it is abundantly clear that the ensemble known shorthand as “The JHP” is offering a fresh and distinctly soulful take on the jazz idiom, appealing to both traditional and exploratory audiences alike.


“The JHP offers a splendid slice of straight ahead jazz delivered with a fresh new sound.”

-Ed Blanco, All About Jazz


“Indeed, The JHP puts value on heavy horn arrangements and high-caliber musicianship, and it shows.”

“This is feel good music that doesn’t get too unapproachable like so many jazz groups get…making music that appeals not only to the head, but to the heart as well.”

-Mark Weber, Mark Weber Music Blog


“Liner notes don’t (always) fib…when they say that Julian’s piano playing (along with the rest of his players on this high-energy jazz outing) evokes “funky, soulful & swinging”, they aren’t kidding, or hedging at all…”

-Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation Blog

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From Julian’s Independent Music Awards Spotlight:

“The JHP is a multi-purpose vehicle/testing ground/ongoing workshop for my original songs, compositions and arrangements…combining all kinds of various sounds and front-line configurations…taking the sound I’m hearing in my head and writing on paper to the stage, to be translated in real-time by flesh-and-blood live musicians, who usually also happen to be my friends…”

“…jazz is a wide umbrella w/ as many interpretations as musicians. So to narrow it down I like to use the term nouveau jazz, or groove jazz, to describe what I do, because I just use the jazz tradition, technique, and instrumentation as a springboard for incorporating the ethos of funk, soul, hip-hop, rock and more into a unique and memorable sound.”


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Listen to The JHP’s Debut Album (& more) HERE!

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Extended LIVE tracks HERE!!

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