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Words for 2020 (so far)

Ahoy folks!

Its been ages since I wrote a blog post. So what better time than here, now, in this wild and whacky 2020 we find ourselves in!?

I’m gonna keep this one fairly brief. I’m not gonna offer the full extent of my thoughts on the coronavirus crisis, or whine about how things have affected my life and music career, or even share what I think is REALLY GOING ON. I’m just gonna offer a few words that might best serve us at this very decisive, empowering, transformative moment in time, to say the least.

So in no particular order, in 2020 I suggest:


2020 is all about Vision. I’m gonna repeat that later in this post. Part of VISION is keeping perspective on what’s happening, no doubt, but also weeding through the sheer vastness of SO many theories, opinions, conflicting narratives, spins, remixes and takes on the TRUTH right now that it’s hard to know where to turn. We need to exercise new-decade-levels of DISCERNMENT right now to make head or tail of it all. What are the sources of our information? Who’s story do we really buy? Who’s pill do we swallow, who’s shot do we take!?

It seems that with every new take/opinion/ on the origin and agenda of the current crisis, there’s a counter-response, a chess move made made in return. Like chess, pausing to weigh our options and our moves requires a deliberate level of reflection and discernment.

We were endowed with sound minds and reasoning capacity, and the ability to make judgements for our best good, for a reason. So I just urge us all to question who’s narrative we are getting, and do a little more detective work to see the larger aims of said narratives, especially from those sources who’ve been proven time and again to deliberately mislead, misinform, or worst of all, deceive, the public. With all this work required on our parts, I’d say it’s equally important to take a step back, get a few good deep breaths, and listen to our gut! Which segues nicely into…


Mission Critical at this juncture. Hand-in-hand with discernment, what really feels right TO US right now!? There’s alot of pressure to conform to mass opinion, to fall into the herd mentality more than ever. The audacity to think for oneself can land you in hot water, and get you labelled in one fell swoop as a “conspiracy theorist/nut-job/pick-your-poison” epitaph. But the price to pay for that means going against one’s inner knowing, one’s sense of what’s truly right, if it is honest and sincere. As it happens, the abundant time in self-isolation affords plenty time to go within and search for the real meaning in things, and gauge for ourselves what resonates on that deep level. Intuition starts with I, after all. This is a time for greater responsibility, an ownership of our judgement faculties, like never before.

Not only to make sense of the ever evolving chess game OUT THERE, we need to figure out what the heck our own path is gonna be through this storm. We are being forced to adapt (or even majorly overhaul) our careers, livelihoods, our very basic ways of surviving/existing in the world. And no one handed out a road-map for this, so we must create it. The true litmus test of any big choice is again, really feeling our way into that new path, as scary as it can be. If we can all really dial our intuition antennas up in a big way, I think we’ll emerge from the storms of 2020 in a much stronger and firmer place in our lives than before.


Turning on the news stirs up alot of fear. Not knowing when we’ll have a reliable income again creates alot of fear. The massive uncertainty of our direction, and the potential for even more roadblocks up ahead surely creates alot of fear. Go out in public or to the six-foot-distanced line at the grocery store and you can practically taste it. Don’t know about you but some days I can literally feel this fear in my body, and it’s quite powerful. So, fear is here and it’s quite real. It’s a totally natural, justifiable response…I’m not suggesting denying or pushing it away is gonna help anybody. So how do we deal with it in a constructive way? I suggest moving into it, through it, and finally, past it.

I think we’re ultimately better off allowing fear to do it’s thing on us initially, rather than trying to avoid or suppress it. The problem is dwelling on it and getting stuck in the mire of fear, being paralyzed by it’s constricting quality. One thing I’ve come to find in my own personal life is that fear is just a few degrees on the scale away from excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and action. A little bit of fear is actually helpful to us, spurring us on in a major way because we’re so inclined to get away from it. All success stories usually say something to the effect of – “Embrace discomfort. Your fear tells you the direction you need to go” and yadda yadda yadda. But I think there’s real truth in that. We don’t grow from everything being nice and comfortable all the time. So I think if we can really feel this fear, but then use it as fuel for moving in that new, uncharted direction, we’ll have a chance at putting fear in its right place, instead of letting fear having us stuck in place.


It’s not particularly a given even in the good times to Trust, really and fully, the course Life intends for us. All the moreso in times of global pandemics. But here we are, and we can wave our hands in despair and hopelessness, or we can access a deep part of ourselves that ultimately has the strength to Trust. Challenging times have a way of forcing us into trust – there isn’t much else we can do when all else looks uncertain. If we can surrender our need to understand, to fully know where it’s all supposed to lead, to have an answer – we can “let go and let God,” to use the old cliched expression. But true surrender is the only real way to get to the heart of Trust, after all. Can we trust that there’s a higher purpose to everything we’re going through? That there’s a Divine order to our lives and we have the wherewithal to deal with even the most unexpected, extreme challenges? I’m of the belief that we might have even chose to be here, at this crazy time on the planet. How much better might we sleep at night if Trust was our foundation? I think times like these steer us into Trust; we go into Trust kicking and screaming, or in calm surrender, one way or the other.


2020 is all about Vision (there, i said it again) Ideal vision, after all, IS 2020! So now that we have had this real PAUSE — some would say, RESTART BUTTON — really pushed, where DO we want to take it from here? It’s clear by now — for all of us in different ways, and also in a majorly unique, collective way — that we had alot of other issues before a mass pandemic hit. We’ve lost income, routines, structures, and more…but we’ve also lost alot of negatives related to that old “normal” too. I think Nature agrees that a break from the global economy churning at full speed has some upsides…cleaner air, for one. We have a pretty blank slate moment to take advantage of here. It’s a wonderfully unique opportunity to really re-orient our goals, dreams, and visions to the type of person we want to be, and the world we want to have, like never before. I think it’s obvious by now that we’re not gonna return to that old normal, so instead of defaulting to what we know, what are we gonna create instead? I say, let’s proceed into the rest of 2020 with a mighty vision, and up our standards for the world we actually want to live in, and go boldly in that direction.

. . .

Anyways, that’s all I have to offer for now. I hope these words help you in navigating these wild times and staying adrift in the storm. I think 2020 has more in store for us yet. . . but if we can hold fast to these words and apply our own inner strength and power along the way, I’m confident we got this 😉

Much love, light, and health to all!


Why I’m over “Resist”

July 27th, 2017


I’m over “Resist.” As an end-all, be-all credo for this current historical moment. Let me explain.
To me, it feels limiting. It smacks of fear, immaturity, and a lack of imagination.
Even physics teaches us that Resistance Makes Stronger.

I think we can do better.
I propose we step up to the plate, that we choose a word (or words) that empowers..inspires..that actually helps create the kind of world we DO want to see, not the one where our only default choice is to merely “resist.”

So I’m going to offer some different words.

Let’s Redefine:

The Terms themselves! Are we, the masses of everyday citizens, just passive bystanders of history, watching as “they” stay corrupt and continue to pillage what’s left of this country? Are ALL we allowed to do is merely “resist?” We have to redefine just who is running the show here. And in my book, We Are! Ultimately, I think we are subject to the will of a higher power, yes. But I think that higher power handed down to us, its creation, a major aspect of itself, its image, too. Namely – Creation, dummy! We ALL decide individually and collectively the shape of things to come. If we redefine ourselves as co-creators of this reality we lift the burden off of those “in charge”..and also take on the responsibility which we know deep down is ours alone, anyway. The inability to properly define oneself, in a way that serves ones highest good, is probably one of the greatest tools of the oppressor used throughout history. When people are in “resistance” mode only, lacking awareness of their true creative edge, THAT is where the real danger lies.


Let’s Reclaim:

The aspects of ourselves that we still deeply resist. You know, the things that lie deeply buried in our subconscious and barely see the light of day. Those aspects of our “shadow” that we more often project unto others through judgement, ridicule, scape-goating, etc. Let’s embrace the dark within us by shining an honest light on the ‘wild and untamed nature’ we all have, in order to become whole, fully integrated. So much “resistance” to me seems a denial of reckoning with the enemy within just as much as the one without. The irony is that when we fully reclaim and accept our shadow as a part of US, we then reclaim our power, and ultimately, our peace, from the hard work of self-transformation.


Let’s Revise:

Our framework for governance, if it’s failing so bad. If the “powers that be” are so miserable, why do we keep giving them our power in the form of attention, mental energy, so much loud ‘resistance?’ Let’s revise and rewrite our rules, our standards of conduct, taking a proactive approach instead of decrying what’s not working.


Let’s Restore:

The Biosphere, the Creation. Restore our broken, severed relationship with this planet and its creatures that have both been so abused in these past centuries of industrial civilization. Restore our ego and elevated views of ourselves from ‘over and above’ the Eco-sphere to deeply embedded WITHIN it, the way Nature intends. We might learn to see this period as a “return home” to a more natural state of living and being…with much sacrificing and (some chaos) in the short term to our lifestyles, our identities, our expectations and entitlements depending on our level of attachment to same. Perhaps “resist” is the collective reflex of well, resistance, to the inevitable (and incredible) transformation of Self involved in the restoration of not only nature but ourselves in the process. After all it’s generally easier to stay in a familiar and ‘comfortable’ level of being when the other option is the complete unknown, the path one has never taken before. Which in our case looks alot like acting on the realization that unlimited growth can’t continue on a finite planet. The times call for a massive downsizing and scaling of everything we do and need to the local level. The future demands conscious building. Which obviously takes…


Let’s Retool:

Ourselves and our communities, for skills, strength, health, resilience, strong networks. So much anger and resistance stems from dependency on massive (and failing) systems. Healthcare, welfare, government assistance, cheap energy – all depend on massively inflated and elaborate systems that are out of scale, and thus, unsustainable for the communities they ‘serve.’ Instead of staying servants to systems that don’t serve us, imagine the empowerment that might result if we re-tooled ourselves with local agriculture, small health co-ops, community networks of care, trade, and barter.  If we equipped ourselves with the skills and know-how to make a large amount of the things we need or extend the life-cycle of things in general. And if we took rightful ownership of our health as OUR priority, not anyone else’s (imagine that) ! Acquainting ourselves again with preventive lifestyle choices, natural and herbal medicines, emotional and spiritual IQ, ancient spiritual wisdom. No short order, but the possibilities for asserting more control and ownership into our lives are much more appealing than a constant hand out. Which means we’ll definitely have to…


Let’s Revisit:

The Truth of Who We Are. And the wisdom found in countless ancient (and many modern) teachings that help us form that picture, however unique and particular for each individual. I hate to break it you, but ignorance isn’t bliss, especially anymore. That’s a commonly mis-attributed quote (“If ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be Wise“). It leads to confusion, suffering, hurt people who are generally unaware of why they’re even hurting. That’s why the ancient dictum Know Thyself is the great mandate to continually bump humanity up to the next operating system. In truly knowing one’s innermost Self one knows the Universe and one’s place in it. We might not even just want to re-‘visit.’ We might wanna stick around this place for all the guidance, direction, wisdom we’ll ever need at every moment in the Journey.


Let’s Re-imagine:

The whole Game itself – the players, the puppeteers, even the damn stage we’re standing on. The possibility that we are influencing and creating this reality to a much more literal degree than we’ve quite realized up to this point. We’re only gonna bring about the world we don’t have to “resist” all the time by boldly Imagining what that’s really gonna look like. After all everything we see now before us exists because somebody or something, somewhere, Imagined It first. Maybe we thought we’d be at the pinnacle of history by now, at some grand victory of the success of industrial civilization. But the surroundings are looking quite different at the moment and we can’t afford to have yet another outsider Imagine our Reality for us. We’ve gotten here because we let Country, Religion, Party, Leader, Guru, etc take the reigns for so long..probably important stepping stones in our evolution. But I think the reason alot of these things feel like they’re not working anymore is because we’ve stepped into a vacuum of sorts, an open space. One where the Universe is asking us “But…what do you want ? How much of our current life is spent fulfilling the wishes and desires of others? Not acting on our most deep rooted convictions and visions of what could be ?? As they say, a problem can’t be fixed with the same thinking that created it. Thinking is great, and we need plenty of it, but we need to give ourselves full permission to all-out Imagine right now! Choosing to Re-imagine over ‘resist’ is asserting a definite ideal, drawing a distinct picture, having a sure hand. At the end of the day, if being continually upset by the antics of uncaring politicians is preventing you from doing anything constructive, that’s a serious problem.

It’s all about growing up and asserting our place at the driver’s seat of our lives and collective fates.

And it’s just better than “resisting” all the time.

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The Process

July 18th, 2017

Some recent reflections after my last show brought me to fill a whole page in a fresh journal.
In a way this was a reminder, if you will, from myself to myself.
Some much needed encouragement from a “higher” view of my journey, to the here and now moment of said journey.
Now that I’ve had a moment to breathe with it a bit…consider this also some advice/encouragement to you as well, dear reader. Apply it however you see fit, to any and all areas of your Life that feel like it can relate.

So from the journal to the blogosphere, here goes:

Remember – THIS IS A PROCESS !!!

The Process is a Gift, and every moment in the Present (Presence) of this Process is a Gift, too.
Not only is it a Gift, it is a Lesson.
In fact, all the Lessons learned, in and through the Process, are precisely the Lessons meant to be learned.
The Goal is actually not the end of the Process…
The Goal is the Process itself.
To be fully rooted in, grateful for, joyful in –
the beautiful, messy, arduous, strengthening, exhausting, contradicting, unpredictable, exciting, long, fun –
Process. And no more.
That “destination” …is just another Step. Another Plateau.
“Failure” doesn’t really exist. There are only Outcomes. (not my original idea but I like it)
There are only Actions, and Consequences.
Non-action also has its Consequences.
So: Can I be so caught up in the doing of the work, the manifesting of the Process, the Creative Journey –
that all else becomes irrelevant?
That all the thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties…even the larger hopes, wishes, desires..
become secondary to Full Immersion in the Process itself?
This Immersion in the Process must inevitably be tied to…

So, I leave with you with this –

“Find Your Purpose in the Process!”