In addition to performing and creating in a variety of musical contexts over the years, Julian has also been teaching piano for the better part of the past decade as well. See below for his current offerings!

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(Winter 2021 updated)

Piano Lessons for the Creative Teen!

Greetings! I am currently offering piano lessons to aspiring, creative, & driven teens, via the preferred online platform of your choice (Zoom/Skype/Google Meet/FaceTime)! As this is virtual instruction, I can teach students from virtually anywhere and according to one’s unique schedule and needs. Throughout the years I’ve taught a vast range of ages and genres, but lately have honed in on an interest in igniting the musical passions of TEENS specifically, in the age range of (roughly) 11-20 years old. 

From my experience, this is an age group where I’ve seen Music’s ability to best “stick” and become, just to name a few:

-A constructive and enjoyable hobby

-A healthy outlet for creativity and emotional expression

-A great “teacher” in terms of imparting extra-musical/life lessons 

-A fun way to socially bond and communicate among peers

-A lifelong endeavor…

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So, I have since honed a unique approach specifically geared towards TEENS that incorporates:

  • Learning REPERTOIRE students can be EXCITED about (everything from favorite pop, chart-topping hits, chord progressions, and favorite jams from ANY GENRE! This involves both reading music and learning the skills to learn songs by ear
  • Foundational elements of MUSIC THEORY that springboard creativity and expression, not stifle it with mere technicality or tedious, rote exercises
  • Fun, Improv, and PLAY! I encourage improvisation and developing one’s ear through specific techniques/exercises at every stage of musical instruction
  • A process of targeted GOAL SETTING that gives students a sense of confidence and long-term vision to work towards their short and long-term musical goals


In short – I’m excited to offer a comprehensive and actionable approach to music-making that doesn’t skimp on technique OR the joy and fun that should accompany it at every stage along the way. 

Your first lesson with me is always FREE!

30 mins, 45 mins, or 60 mins lessons, fit varying schedules and preferences..I’m flexible to YOUR needs!

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Get in touch today!

I look forward to hearing from YOU or your teen about undertaking affordable music instruction that will make learning Piano a fun, rewarding, and unforgettable experience! 🙂

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Lastly – I am still accepting committed, specifically JAZZ PIANO students, of any age, on an intermediate or advanced level. I am very selective about who I bring on for this kind of study, but don’t be afraid to reach out and I’d be more than happy to discuss further!

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