Thank You Music!

December 27th, 2017

As part of my year-end reflections, I thought I’d re-adapt a private journal entry from this past November into a public blog post here on the site. Especially considering my last blog post was exactly 5 months ago now (woops) consider this part of my gratitude practice to honor the past year and share what’s been on my mind.

The day I originally wrote this I was feeling particularly grateful for the gift of Music – capital M – and all the blessings it has and continues to provide me with in my life so far. I address Music as a Person, an entity in her own right. To give some context, how bout I start with a few quotes from one of my favorite books on Music and Life (which I just skimmed over again this morning to my delight) – Victor Wooten’s The Music Lesson.

“Music? I replied. “I never realized you were really alive.”
I Know…Your approach toward me has been as if I am not real, like I’m a dream. You feel that I do not exist until you create me. And even then you feel I am a creation that is separate from you. Most musicians in your time feel as you do. Because of that, I am dying and in need of your help.”

“Music is already alive. You do not create it. So if that is your intention, you are already mistaken. Music, like children, already exist somewhere in complete wholeness. Your job is to recognize that. You help re-create the wholeness of Music by bringing it into existence on this plane.”

“The word ‘musically’ broken up becomes music-ally. That’s right! Play musically, and you become an ally of Music. You actually help Music do what it is here to do. The same is true with Nature. Play and act natur-ally, and you become a Nature ally, a friend, a helper, and a contributor to Nature.”

. . .

Now, onto the journal entry:

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you, Music.
Like seriously: Thank You Music!!!
You have given me so much, it’s actually hard to keep track of it all. It’s possible to take you for granted sometimes, I must confess, which really is a shame. I would do well to watch out for that!

After wrapping up my day in the studio just now, and finally just playing a bit of “How Deep is the Ocean”…into “Summer Night”…riffing on a bit of “Skylark”..
It just struck me how I feel this true connection to you again.
It’s always there on the periphery, humbly awaiting my invitation.
Crazy that I forget just how near and dear you really are to me!
And how much you have blessed me with in this process of learning, developing, sharing, following, seeking…You!

Directly or indirectly from Music I can attribute all of the following things:
– Meaningful, lasting Relationships and by extension,
– A meaningful place in Community or several different Communities
Travel to awesome places
A Living! Like seriously, the majority of my $income$ which has allowed me to not merely Survive but Thrive according to my fairly humble needs/standards. Steady gigs, freelance gigs, teaching gigs, private gigs, accompanying gigs, creative gigs, etc…
Product/Content: My own CD, videos, a book of original repertoire, scores…(and much more on the way!)
A Purpose in Life (or atleast, a pretty damn good Idea of it, anyway…)
Raw Expression in the form of Improvisation/Spontaneous Creation, Crafted in terms of Composing/Arranging..
– The Vehicle/Means/Platform in which to Tell my Vision to the World a la blogs, lyrics, trackstory, etc…
Growth: as in learning musical lessons that translate to Life Lessons, or learning Life Lessons in the context of musical situations, or useful experiences that could only have been brought about by being involved with Music…AKA feeling like my Journey in Music has contributed to my overall Spiritual Growth/Perspective/Understanding/Evolution in innumerable ways, some easily definable, some not…
– Probably a whole lot of other things I can’t even think of or specifically name in this moment…

I don’t think this is an understatement if I say, Music – you may truly be the greatest Gift in my Life.

I mean, definitely up there with the big ones like Health, Family, Life itself.

. . .

But one thing I am realizing is this: You need Care, Attention, Discipline, Quality Time, Reflection, Maintenance, Effort.

In other words, in order to be fed (literally as well as metaphorically as in ‘fed by the Muse’) I Have to Feed You!!!               It’s a two-way street. It takes two to make this a tango baby.

As in, if I’m slackin, or unmotivated, inhibited, unsure, cold, not inspired to do the work and connect with you first…it’s no fault of your own. Like, I have to make first contact. Atleast probably 90% of the time anyway. It really couldn’t work any other way.

In order for you to Light the Fire, I have to build it first.

The Muse doesn’t just…“Show Up”.

Because Music, you take note! Alright, let me compose myself…
(You didn’t really think I’d make it through a whole blog post without atleast a few puns did you!?)

I could probably write a book here, from these reflections alone.

So let me just wrap up by saying – it’s been a great, musically enriching and abundant 2017, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for me in the year ahead.

Let me say, for today and all time, Thank You Music. Thank You!!!

(prayer emojis)

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