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If you didn’t know by now…..The Julian Hartwell Project’s debut album is out now! Available on all major digital outlets where music can be found, the first effort from the JHP showcases a distinctive blend of high-energy original jazz music by composer and arranger Julian Hartwell and this band of up-and-coming players. Cinematic, Funky, Evocative, Soulful, Swinging…this all-original debut promises to inject new lifeblood into the contemporary jazz scene and set the tone for a bright future for this promising group known shorthand as “The JHP”.


What a few people are saying about the debut effort…
“This is feel good music that doesn’t get too unapproachable like so many jazz groups get, making music that appeals not only to the head, but to the heart as well…It’s a fresh take on original jazz music, that somehow manages to sound like something old school AND brand new at the same time.”
-Mark Weber Music Blog
“…a broad range of musical perception.”
– Dick Metcalf,‘Doctor Jazz’ of Improvijazzation Nation Blog
“Well worth a sample and repeated spins, The Julian Hartwell Project offers a splendid slice of straight ahead jazz delivered with a fresh new sound…a gifted pianist leading a group of young talented players in their first recording together, this is one musical project that begs for an encore.”
– Ed Blanco @ All About Jazz

Download now on iTunes Here: The Julian Hartwell Project


Or use the Contact tab to get a physical CD delivered direct via PayPal!



Check out a couple tracks from the record right here to experience some of what the JHP is all about….if you like what you hear, explore more 😉

“Street Dreams” – track 1 feat. the whole JHP Sextet in action!


“The Minotaur” – track 3 (quartet feat. Jake Kelberman, guitar)


Like What You Hear? Listen to More MUSIC HERE !


Still curious? Check out exclusive VIDEO FOOTAGE HERE from The JHP’s CD Release Show in Philly 11/06/16 !





Saturday August 27th 9:30-11:30 PM
Private Birthday Event
Julian Hartwell Trio Jazz
9:30-11:30 PM
Alma Mater, 7165 Germantown Ave, Philly PA 19119

Saturday September 3rd, 5-7 PM
Wedding Cocktail Hour w/ George Weldon Group
Private Event
Springfield Manor, Ivyland PA

Monday September 12th ALL DAY
Julian Hartwell Music turns 27!!!
“Happy Birthday To Me” 😉
No Gig Lined Up Currently

Friday September 16th 2:30-3:30 PM
Solo Piano at Stapeley (open to the public)
Instrumental and Vocal renditions of the Great American Songbook
Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley, Philly PA 19144




The JHP is now entered in the 15th annual Independent Music Awards !!!

This annual, international contest is a great way for independent artists of all stripes to gain notable exposure to new audiences, grow and interact w/ fans, and be recognized as a standout emerging artist in their particular field.
In addition the IMA’s new VOX POP feature allows fans to vote for a favorite song or video and help the artist move up in rankings, increasing their chances of a coveted nomination…Hint:


Excerpts from Julian’s IMA Artist Spotlight

“…The ‘JHP’ is primarily a vehicle + testing ground + workshop for my original compositions and arrangements, where I try out various sounds and front-line configurations, taking the sound I’m hearing in my head and writing on paper to real-time, flesh-and-blood live musicians…
“…’jazz’ is a wide umbrella w/ as many interpretations as musicians. So to narrow it down I like to use the terms “Nouveau Jazz” to describe what I do, because it is my original compositions that use jazz tradition, technique, and instrumentation as a springboard for incorporating the ethos of funk, soul, fusion, hip-hop, rock and RnB into its sound.”

“…Seeing as I independently composed, arranged, produced and released this album for my original group, I’d like to think the IMA’s are a great way to continue the promotion of my art and expose my group to the avenues and eyes of many in the industry I can’t necessarily reach on my own. As I begin a new phase of writing, booking and reconfiguring the line-up, now is a better time than ever to share what I’ve already accomplished…attracting those new audiences and opportunities to get my music out there!”

“…let’s face it, people just respect you more when you sound impressive. If I win or get nominated in the IMA’s I’ll use the prestige to my advantage – not just as a bragging right – but to keep building in the areas where that status-building is essential: press releases, bookings, dealings w/ promoters, etc. Anything that furthers my mission is a boon, all the more so if it contributes directly to greater recognition and reach.”

Click the link below and vote for Songs:”Knewblews” (funk/fusion/jam)

and “The Minotaur” (jazz instrumental) today!


Thank You for Voting For The Julian Hartwell Project in this year’s Independent Music Awards !!!






What’s new with JHM!???

July, 2016:

Whatsup World! Well…happy to reach out to you again! If you’ve ever paid my site a visit before, you might’ve noticed how I’ve neglected to update this blog for a MiNuTe here! But…owing to the urgency of our times..the role of artists to speak + live their truth..the respect for keeping my fans in the loop..I promise from now on to change this not-so-great habit for the better!!! Sooo let’s get to it ~ what IS up in the world of Julian Hartwell Music lately!?

In short – This Summer is shaping to be quite a hot one, what with all these irons in the fire right now!
I’ve been steadily thickening The JHP BOOK with its 25+ song repertoire, AKA writing + arranging…cleaning + tweaking…Not to many shows this Summer with The JHP at the moment because keeping 6 bandmates all in one place is proving tricky, but I have some big plans come Fall in terms of recording and releasing new material.
So stay tuned for that!

I recently gave my SoundCloud music page a ‘Summer Makeover’, putting up some exclusive live tracks and samples from past gigs with the JHP, in addition to a few from the album of course. With this I’ve begun a new tradition that will accompany any new music I release — {THe TrackStory} — This is the back story, the narrative/inspiration/spirit of the song you hear. Not only does it give you something to read while you listen (a multi-sensory experience!) but consider it my way of bringing you into my World as a composer a bit more — what makes me tick…a little bit of my philosophy/worldview…a way to share the inner message of a song that no matter how effectively composed and executed, still might need some explaining. So, when you go to listen to a particular song on my page, be sure to open each track individually and read the accompanying {TrackStory} behind each one! You can do all that here — https://soundcloud.com/julian-hartwell

P.S. — Look out for some NEW Solo Piano Material coming soon to that page, as well!

As far as other projects — French Street Gumbo is going Back in the Studio hard this August to wrap up our first Single!!!
I can’t share too much more at this moment, but I can promise you, it’s gonna be our first BIG splash and Music Launch, so needless to say we can’t wait to show the World just what we’ve been sitting on for a while now….and all this as the Live Set continues to be crafted and mastered with our New Drummer too, btw…

And in August I’ll also be going in the studio with talented singer/multi-instrumentalist The Derek Anthony AKA Palatine on a new track of his coming up!

Lastly, I finally joined the TwitterVerse recently (about time!) so as you can see at the top of this page, follow me @jewelz_hartwell for occasional quotes/thoughts and in-depth insights into the mind and inspirations of JHM!

With everything currently going on in the world and in our country right now…I’m taking a positive approach to it all by going harder than ever and Accepting My Sacred Role As An Artist ~ By creating Music that Uplifts, that Heals, that Inspires, that Reminds us of our transcendent Unity and Power to Create the Life We Desire …. YOU and the World deserve It! And I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for being a part of the Journey with me!

Until Next Time ~


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