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The JHP is now entered in the 15th annual Independent Music Awards!

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If you didn’t know by now…..The Julian Hartwell Project’s Debut Album has been out for almost a year now! Available on all major digital outlets where music can be found, the first effort from the JHP showcases a distinctive blend of high-energy original jazz music by composer and arranger Julian Hartwell and this band of up-and-coming players. Cinematic, Funky, Evocative, Soulful, Swinging…this all-original debut promises to inject new lifeblood into the contemporary jazz scene and set the tone for a bright future for this promising group known shorthand as “The JHP”.


What a few people are saying about the debut release…
“Well worth a sample and repeated spins, The Julian Hartwell Project offers a splendid slice of straight ahead jazz delivered with a fresh new sound…a gifted pianist leading a group of young talented players in their first recording together, this is one musical project that begs for an encore.”
– Ed Blanco,All About Jazz
“This is feel good music that doesn’t get too unapproachable like so many jazz groups get, making music that appeals not only to the head, but to the heart as well…It’s a fresh take on original jazz music, that somehow manages to sound like something old school AND brand new at the same time.”
-Mark Weber Music Blog
“…A broad range of musical perception.”
– Dick Metcalf ‘Doctor Jazz,’ Improvijazzation Nation Blog

Preview and Purchase on iTunes Here:


Or use the Contact tab to get a physical CD delivered direct via PayPal!



Preview not enough? Check out a full-length track from the record below to experience what the JHP is all about! 😉

“Stay Easy Bro” – feat. the whole JHP Sextet in action!


Like What You Hear? Listen to More MUSIC HERE !


Still curious? Check out exclusive VIDEO FOOTAGE HERE from The JHP’s CD Release Show in Philly 11/06/16 !






Saturday October 22nd, 3-7 PM
Pastorius Community Garden 2nd Annual Fall Festival
w/ The Julian Hartwell Project (5:00 PM) & French Street Gumbo (6 PM)
Live music, food, family friendly activities, interactive demos, moonbounce, and fun!
Full Music Line-up includes The Danie Ocean Band, Adam Monaco, and Ursula Rucker!
FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1775134419410338/
Pastorius Community Garden
10 E. Pastorius St, Philly PA 19144. Free, but donations gladly accepted 🙂

Wednesday October 26th, 8-12 PM
The Julian Hartwell Project at Chris’ Jazz Cafe – The Sextet is Back!!!
Chris’ Jazz Cafe, $10/$5 w/ student i.d.
1421 Sansom St. Philly PA 19102

Sunday November 20th, 7:00 PM
Julian Hartwell Solo Piano at November “Musicians Gathering”
Join Julian Hartwell for an intimate solo piano performance at NW Philly’s hidden gem of a performance/recording space, the Rittenhouse Soundworks! Premiering some never-before-heard original compositions.
Other artists on the bill TBA.
Only $10 at the door.
Rittenhouse Soundworks
219 W Rittenhouse St. Philadelphia, PA 19144
Only $10 at the door.

Wednesday December 21st, 7:30-9 PM
The Julian Hartwell Trio live at Fellowship Hall
as part of Jazz Bridge Neighborhood Concert Series
Fellowship Hall at Ridge Ave. United Methodist Church
7811 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia PA, 19128
$10 for general public, $5 for students






Fall Updates!

Happy Fall, all!

It’s been a bit since writing one of these eh?….too busy writing, playing, and performing my music! (duh)

Fall is a great time to get back in touch with oneself..moving inward once again as the Earth does the same..cracking open a good book or two..and of course listening to soothing piano music..heavy, thoughtful, creative original music..live, funky music….all by ME, of course. *gotta talk it up*

So, here’s whatsup!

I’m excited because I have what’s shaping up to be a nice lil’ season of special shows coming up!

It’s a veritable sprinkling of literally EVERYTHING JULIAN HARTWELL MUSIC! Quality, not quantity 😉

For instance, there’s the Pastorius Community Garden Fall Festival, where TWO of my bands will be playing, THE JHP with some fresh new music and members, and French St Gumbo doin’ it’s THANG! What a gift to perform on the stage that I helped build, in the garden I helped found, to the community I’ve come to know over the past year + which continues to grow bringing neighbors, farmers, thinkers, dreamers, together around the one thing we can all agree on these days it seems – access to delicious, local, thoughtful FOOD and the simple joy that brings.

Then, the JHP gets back down and dirty at the ‘ole Philly jazz watering hole Chris’ Jazz Cafe.
I’m unveiling some brand new compositions, arrangements, even members…A night not to be missed if you like jazz that makes you wonder “what even is this ‘jazz’ thing anyway, is this ‘jazz’?…and why i am i wanting to stand up and dance right now?…and why does Julian banter so much?” You get my drift. *gotta talk it up*

In November I’m positively hyped to have a SOLO PIANO PERFORMANCE (I gotta do more of those..huh?) at the incredible Rittenhouse Soundworks in Germantown!!! If you haven’t heard of this place, well I’m not surprised. It’s truly a hidden gem of a recording/performance/multi-media arts Powerhouse in a beautiful space! Their monthly “Musician’s Gatherings” bring together amazing multi-genre talent and just simply have to be experienced for oneself. And I’m honored to be on the bill premiering several of my original solo piano compositions in this intimate setting…which brings me to…

I have a solo piano single getting ready to be released! Well, calling it a “single” just doesn’t do it justice.
It’s actually a suite, honestly, in three movements. “Land of Lotus” is probably one of my more extensive piano compositions and it feels GREAT to be FINALLY putting the finishing touches and recording it in my home studio. Let’s just say it’s been in the workshop for far too long and it’s ready to see the light of day.
It’s coming out within a few weeks so LOOK OUT FOR THAT!
And this will of course spur me to record many more that have been awaiting to see that light, ever helping me realize my artist-identity as a solo pianist/composer/performer in its own right. (oo i just rhymed too, yo.)

And lastly, (atleast at the moment) I’m a FEATURED ARTIST with Jazz Bridge in their Neighborhood Concert Series 2016-’17 Season!!! This is a great organization that raises money to support jazz and blues musicians in crisis, as well as producing performances all around the tri-state area and featuring some fantastic local talent and beyond. I’ll be performing with my trio at Fellowship Hall, the Roxborough edition of the neighborhood concerts. Since I don’t trio all that much (guess I just like them horns and beefy arrangements..after all I am a Horner remember) this is a great opportunity to catch me stretching out as a pianist on a few of my more ‘heavy’ tunes…we’re talkin 5-6 pages+, people. Some most folks haven’t even heard before. And also featuring the jazz trio interplay that happens with my brother on bass and our dynamic drummer Matt Jernigan which I’m excited to present as just yet another expression of this thing called ‘Julian Hartwell Music.’

So these are all the wonderful things going on in the world of Julian Hartwell Music this Fall!
I always like to full you in on just a lil’ more than the who, what, where, what times…with the backstory and the trackstory and the reason why YOU need to listen, Be There, Support..cuz’ you really do. *gotta talk it up*

Since you made it to the end of all this talking (typing), you get rewarded with more of me talking! (actually talking)
Check out this video produced by Jason Fifield and Jazz Bridge to promote the series and me!

Thanks all, and again, Happy Fall!

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What’s new with JHM!???

July, 2016:

Whatsup World! Well…happy to reach out to you again! If you’ve ever paid my site a visit before, you might’ve noticed how I’ve neglected to update this blog for a MiNuTe here! But…owing to the urgency of our times..the role of artists to speak + live their truth..the respect for keeping my fans in the loop..I promise from now on to change this not-so-great habit for the better!!! Sooo let’s get to it ~ what IS up in the world of Julian Hartwell Music lately!?

In short – This Summer is shaping to be quite a hot one, what with all these irons in the fire right now!
I’ve been steadily thickening The JHP BOOK with its 25+ song repertoire, AKA writing + arranging…cleaning + tweaking…Not to many shows this Summer with The JHP at the moment because keeping 6 bandmates all in one place is proving tricky, but I have some big plans come Fall in terms of recording and releasing new material.
So stay tuned for that!

I recently gave my SoundCloud music page a ‘Summer Makeover’, putting up some exclusive live tracks and samples from past gigs with the JHP, in addition to a few from the album of course. With this I’ve begun a new tradition that will accompany any new music I release — {THe TrackStory} — This is the back story, the narrative/inspiration/spirit of the song you hear. Not only does it give you something to read while you listen (a multi-sensory experience!) but consider it my way of bringing you into my World as a composer a bit more — what makes me tick…a little bit of my philosophy/worldview…a way to share the inner message of a song that no matter how effectively composed and executed, still might need some explaining. So, when you go to listen to a particular song on my page, be sure to open each track individually and read the accompanying {TrackStory} behind each one! You can do all that here — https://soundcloud.com/julian-hartwell

P.S. — Look out for some NEW Solo Piano Material coming soon to that page, as well!

As far as other projects — French Street Gumbo is going Back in the Studio hard this August to wrap up our first Single!!!
I can’t share too much more at this moment, but I can promise you, it’s gonna be our first BIG splash and Music Launch, so needless to say we can’t wait to show the World just what we’ve been sitting on for a while now….and all this as the Live Set continues to be crafted and mastered with our New Drummer too, btw…

And in August I’ll also be going in the studio with talented singer/multi-instrumentalist The Derek Anthony AKA Palatine on a new track of his coming up!

Lastly, I finally joined the TwitterVerse recently (about time!) so as you can see at the top of this page, follow me @jewelz_hartwell for occasional quotes/thoughts and in-depth insights into the mind and inspirations of JHM!

With everything currently going on in the world and in our country right now…I’m taking a positive approach to it all by going harder than ever and Accepting My Sacred Role As An Artist ~ By creating Music that Uplifts, that Heals, that Inspires, that Reminds us of our transcendent Unity and Power to Create the Life We Desire …. YOU and the World deserve It! And I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for being a part of the Journey with me!

Until Next Time ~


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